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Translation Service

EJ EXPERT has years of experience in translating documents and websites.

We are continually developing our ability to improve the quality and reduce the cost of translation by hiring qualified translators and proofreaders,

and expanding our glossaries and styleguides. We specialize in high quality and efficient translation for businesses,

and we count among our clients several of the regions largest and most prestigious firms.

On a daily basis we handle small to large projects with unparalleled accuracy and quick turnaround times.

Japanese Translation
Japanese translation
EJ Expert
EJ Expert
Japanese translation
EJ Expert
  • Documents (catalogues, brochures, user manuals, academic essays, newsletters, press releases, etc.)

  • Websites and localization

  • Technical

  • Pharmaceutical and medical (medical reports, journals, articles, clinical trials, etc.)

  • Legal (contracts, agreements, etc.)

  • Patent

  • Conference materials (presentations slides, handouts, etc.)

  • Academic and research papers

  • Certified documents (academic records and diplomas, birth/marriage/death certificates, family registries, etc.)

  • Business cards

  • Communication and correspondence (business letters, corporate training materials, e-mails, etc.)

  • Subtitles (movies, videos, etc.)

  • Transcriptions 

  • Publications (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.)

Why should you choose EJ EXPERT?

All translations are done by a team consisting of at least one native Japanese speaker who is also near-native in English and at least one native English speaker who is also near-native in Japanese.

All translations are also proofread by other translators before being delivered to the client. This ensures the highest quality but, at the same time, keeps our prices very competitive or even lower than other translation service companies.

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