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Here is what our clients are saying....

President & CEO, NPO

Thank you for all of your great support last week in Tokyo! Your interpretation was excellent as always and I also appreciated all of your insights on Japanese culture.

Benjamin L. Webster, Attorney at Law

”I will definitely keep you in mind if I need further interpreting and translating services and yes, please feel free to include me as a reference.  Thanks again for your great work and attitude. ”

Head of IT Company in San Francisco

Your interpreter was great and we appreciated her support during our two-day session. We will definitely reach our again in the future.

Grayson Koonce Senior Software Engineer at Uber

An experienced interpreter - sharp, qualified, social-able and warm. Junko has a really diverse technical background and it shows. とっても推薦します。

David Higbee Conference Interp / Tech Translator

I had the opportunity to work under and with Mrs. Junko Bradley, as a member of the team of conference interpreters for the 2015 Teradata Partners Conference, "Breaking Big", and I was very impressed with her hard work as a coordinator and skills as a top notch simultaneous interpreter. I have seen hundreds of conference interpreters during my time as a business/technical interpreter, and I was particularly impressed with how quickly Mrs. Bradley learned the technical lingo in order to render accurate and natural interpretations, in addition to the stellar coordination work she performed. Based on my personal observation over those four days, and in the weeks leading up to the event, I would have absolutely no reservations about working with Mrs. Bradley again. I would gladly recommend her for the most rigorous and technical of assignments, or as coordinator of a team of interpreters.

Michele Crim, Tenspeed (Publisher)

You contributed a great deal to the success of the event with your excellent translation, your poise, and your professionalism.

I will definitely let you know if we need help in the future with interpretation or possibly translation.

G.K San Francisco

We want to thank you for the wonderful job you did at our event - everyone was impressed and thoroughly enjoyed your company and help.

Business Owner

Junko Bradley is a great translator. She has the technical ability, but more importantly, she does her preparation. Junko asks the right questions about the audience and the overall context of the speech. Her translation was not only made me look great! ”-- Judith Kolberg, Founder of NSGCD, International Speaker & Author, and Award-winning Professional Organizer Junko is the Interpreter extraordinaire!

Paul Santilli, Senior Manager of a fortune 100 company

”Ms. Bradley's performance in translation was excellent. Her knowledge of the Japanese language, both written and oral is excellent and complements well with her fluency in English. Her comprehension of the requirements for translation, as well as the appropriateness of the content was very accurate. Additionally, she was able to translate documentation that was populated with industry acronyms, specific technical product information, and related industry technology verbiage while maintaining the appropriateness of the translation.”

Denslow Brown, Master Certified Coach, CPO, CPO-CD

"Scheduled to present two full-conference sessions for the JALO (Japanese Association of Life Organizers) annual symposium, I was concerned about cultural issues as well as the translations of my materials. Each session required four versions: 20-page resource documents and PowerPoint slides in both English and Japanese. In retrospect I’m not sure how I would have managed to feel as confident about the material and presentation without the work and support of Junko Bradley. She stayed attentive and calm throughout all communications in the preceding weeks and the days of the conference. She advised me on how my presentation would translate, on the information most valuable to the Japanese in this professional group, and on the impact of the bi-lingual nature of the conference on the time I had to speak. When unforeseen challenges required last-minute adjustments we facilitated them in a simple and easy collaboration. I recommend her highly and would not want to do any additional work in Japan without her."

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We are very grateful for your help above and beyond your usual services and I am happy that you found the job interesting and rewarding!











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