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Major Translation Projects

IT & Software
  • Company website for PC security software company

  • Database application manuals

  • Online program for a shipping company

  • Marketing research journal for Polysilicon

Environment & Energy
Pharmaceutical & Medical
  • Pharmaceutical journal (FDA related)

  • Medical journal for oncology

  • Website for a clinical trial organization

Medical Device
  • Arthroplasty implant products website

  • Digital image management and processing software for orthodontics

Legal, Contracts, & Certificates
  • DOJ antitrust investigation document

  • Criminal and civil litigation/ court documents

  • Family registry and certificates (divorce, birth, marriage, death, academic, and more)

  • United States Labor Law compliance guidelines

  • User agreements for software

  • Judicial documents for superior court

Websites & Web Contents
  • IGA website

  • Metalworking fluid company’s website

Financial & Insurance
  • Medical facility payment procedures

  • Employee training manuals for a credit card company

  • Presentation materials for a U.S. security company

  • Global human resources management program for an insurance company

Food & Retail
  • Sustainability report for a global furniture company

  • Air vacuum packaging company’s website

  • Certification program for food microbiology

  • Cooking recipes

  • International food expo website

  • Reward program for a beverage company

Machines, AI, and Manuals
  • Bio net connector catalog

  • User and safety manual for container loaders

  • Press releases for a solar battery manufacturer

  • Presentation materials for Strain Wave gearing device

  • Presentation materials for a major conglomerate

  • User manual for audio headphones

  • Quality and maintenance manuals and product catalogs for a Japanese automotive company

  • Safety policies for American auto parts manufacturers

  • User manuals for an American automotive company

Military & Airlines
  • Fueling facility document

  • Cyber security related articles published for the U.S. military

  • Safe handling manuals for hazardous explosives

  • Department of State’s website “Reward for Justice”

  • Terrorism related article

Travel & Tourism
  • Aircraft safety guidelines

  • A cruise ship company’s website

  • A major hotel reservation website

Film & Media
  • Television commercial for a major sports company (London 2012 Summer Olympics)

  • Television CM for a pharmaceutical company

  • Subtitles and narration for NHK documentary television program

  • NBC interviews for Japanese Olympic athletes

  • Japanese subtitles for film “Terri” 2011

Publications & Art
  • “It’s Not About The Money” by Bob Proctor

  •  “The ICD Guide to Challenging Disorganization” by Kate Varness

  • “What Every Professional Organizer Needs to Know” by Judith Kolberg

  • News publications for ISO

  • Individual educational plan documents

  • Website for an international student program

  • Financial statement for a telecommunication company

Politics & Economics
  • World Economic Forum Report 2015 and press releases

Press Releases
  • Film production company


  • Pharmaceutical company

  • Life insurance company

  • Guidebook and maps for a museum in the U.S.

  • Materials for gardening and plants

  • Annual conference session materials for the professional organizing industry

  • Publications for associations in the professional organizing industry

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