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Interpreting Assignments

International Conferences & Summits
  • United Nations HQ High-level Political Forum Side Event

  • United Nations HQ International Peace & Culture Economic Social Council

  • U.S.-Japan Venture Capital Conference

  • North Pacific Coast Guard Summit

  • North Pacific Coast Guard Forum

  • US-Japan Governors Forum

  • US-Japan Bridge Engineering Workshop

  • US-Japan Nuclear Decommissioning Workshop

  • Non-profit organization symposium and international conference

  • International Federation of Professional Organizers Conference

  • HiMSS 4th Annual Patient Engagement Summit at Stanford University

  • ​Startup World Cup 2018

  • National Anger Management Association International Conference

  • IPPA International Congress

  • Annual partner conference for a major data warehousing company

  • New product and service press conference for a data analytics company

  • Global sales conference for an IT company

  • Global marketing conference for an IT company

  • Online payment and financial service conference

  • Technical meeting and presentation for a semiconductor company

  • Research and development technical meeting for a telecommunication equipment company

  • Application developer conference

  • Research visit and meeting for an online payment system company

  • Software contract negotiations for a software company

  • CES Keynote sessions

  • NRF Big Show Keynote sessions

IT & Telecommunication
Social Media
  • Digital marketing global conference for a social media company

  • Meeting regarding illegal social media content

Gaming & Cyber Security
  • Game software marketing focus group

  • Anti-piracy cyber security meeting

  • Game Developers Conference 2016

  • Anti-piracy software presentation

  • Executive sales conference at a major cyber security company

Resource, Energy, and Environment
  • Public hearings at the California Environmental Protection Agency

  • Fuel cell vehicle regulation research meeting

  • Hydrogen station program research meeting and presentation

  • Hydrogen gas technology program research meeting and presentation

  • Research visits and meetings at public utilities, plant tours at water treatment facilities.

  • Regulations and procedure meetings for zero emission vehicles

  • Research meetings for California water plan and water rights

  • Research meetings for Federal Drought Policy

  • Research meetings for California renewable energy

  • Meeting, presentations, and Q&A sessions at the Fire and Earthquake Insurance California Earthquake Authority

  • Assessment interviews for life and long term insurance

  • Investigation interviews for automotive accident cases

  • Investigation interviews for workers compensation insurance cases

Labor & Employment
  • Hearings at EDD (California Employment Development Department)

  • Hearings at EDD Workers Compensation Division

  • Hearings at EDD Unemployment Division

Legal & Court
  • Civil trial at California Supreme Court

  • Depositions and interviews for anti-trust cases at U.S. Department of Justice

  • Immigration investigations and interviews at U.S. Department of Homeland Security

  • Document review for anti-trust case pretrial discovery

  • Client-attorney preparation meetings for anti-trust litigation cases

  • Depositions for U.S. patent litigation cases

  • Client-attorney preparation meetings for U.S. patent litigation cases

  • Depositions for personal injury cases

  • Depositions for automotive accident cases

  • Depositions for incident resulting in injury cases

Medical, Mental Health, Science, & Medical Device

  • Integrative Oncology Conference

  • EIDC (Enhanced Information Dissemination and Collection) Conference

  • Fifth World Congress on Positive Psychology

  • Annual conference for a life science company

  • Medical conferences and workshops at hospitals

  • Annual conference for a non-profit organization in the mental health field  (2010 to present)

  • Presentations and meetings for a clinical trial software company

  • Presentations and meetings for a pharmaceutical company

  • Research visits for a nonprofit organization in the medical field

  • Research visits at university hospital

Mechanical, Industrial, Technical, & Automotive

  • Global conference for an automotive company

  • Technical and engineering meeting at an automotive company

  • National research laboratory research and development meeting

  • Technical meetings and commission for a steel pipe manufacturing company

  • TV production and filming for an automotive company

  • Research visits for an industrial chemical company

  • California High Speed Rail Project

  • Toyota Research Institute Presentation Meetings

  • Toyota Motors Headquarter Meetings\

Food & Manufacturing
  • Harassment Compliance Workshop Presentation

  • Research visits and marketing for a beverage company

  • Negotiation meetings between a food manufacturer and a general contractor

  • Focus group and marketing research interviews for a multi-printer manufacturer

  • Marketing research for a paper manufacturing company

Education & Non-profit
  • Meetings at the California State Department of Education

  • Research visits to public high schools regarding special education

  • Courtesy visits between universities

  • Annual conference for a professional association in Japan (2010 to present)

  • Annual conference for a professional association in the U.S. ( 2010 to present)

  • Annual conference for a professional association in Australia

  • Annual conference for a professional association in Canada

Construction, Architect,

& Civil Engineering

  • Design meetings for a food manufacturing plant

  • Research visit and Q&A for a city planning department

  • Regular meetings between a manufacturing company and general contractor

  • Architecture and design meeting for a major coffee shop chain

  • Research meetings for government infrastructure development

  • ​Kajima Corporation A⁴CSEL Project

Social & Welfare
  • Meeting for a case management plan

Culture, Art, & Publication
  • Presentation speech and book signing events for a New York Times and LA Times best-selling author

  • Media interviews including newspapers, magazines, TV appearances, and speaking engagements for an international author

  • Media appearance for an international author on TV shows: 
    NBC's "Ellen", CBS's "Rachael Ray", ABC 's "Good Morning America", NBC's "TODAY"

  • Tattoo Art Convention

Media & TV
  • Reality TV program broadcasting

  • Newspaper interview for an international author and speaker

  • Newspaper interviews regarding fuel cell vehicles

  • Meeting for implementing high-speed rail simulator exhibits at the California State Railroad Museum

  • Washoku event and presentation hosted by The Ministry of Agriculture, Forests, and Fisheries of Japan, broadcasted by Tokyo TV

  • Research visit and meeting for a fire marshal

  • Church wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions

  • Sisterhood signing ceremony between the  California State Railroad Museum and Saitama Railway Museum

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