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Remote Consecutive Interpreting Services

Along with our Remote Simultaneous Interpreting System, we offer a remote sequential interpreting service to meet the fast growing demand for remote conferences.
With remote consecutive interpreting, there's no need for a dedicated platform.
Our interpreter service works on your company's current teleconferencing system. 
Even better, if you use the same teleconferencing system that we use, there's no system usage fee.
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Use online conferencing systems like Webex, Skype, and Zoom

Remote consecutive interpreting services are perfect for regular online meetings and seminars

  • Scheduling and participation can be managed on the client side

  • Meetings are accessible from PCs, tablets, and smartphones with an internet connection

  • Interpreters with a wealth of experience with remote interpretation are available

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​How remote consecutive interpreting is used

  • ​Technology conferences and project meetings

  • Scientific conferences

  • ​Any time you need to bridge the language gap

  • Business meetings and negotiations

  • Courses and seminars

Remote consecutive interpreting benefits

  • Available for last minute conferences and meetings

  • No transportation or lodging expenses for interpreters 

  • Unlike remote simultaneous interpreting, no need for special equipment  

  • You can use your current conference system


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