Remote Consecutive Interpreting Services

Along with our Remote Simultaneous Interpreting System, we offer a remote sequential interpreting service to meet the fast growing demand for remote conferences.
With remote consecutive interpreting, there's no need for a dedicated platform.
Our interpreter service works on your company's current teleconferencing system. 
Even better, if you use the same teleconferencing system that we use, there's no system usage fee.
Use online conferencing systems like Webex, Skype, and Zoom

Remote consecutive interpreting services are perfect for regular online meetings and seminars

  • Scheduling and participation can be managed on the client side

  • Meetings are accessible from PCs, tablets, and smartphones with an internet connection

  • Interpreters with a wealth of experience with remote interpretation are available

​How remote consecutive interpreting is used

  • ​Technology conferences and project meetings

  • Scientific conferences

  • ​Any time you need to bridge the language gap

  • Business meetings and negotiations

  • Courses and seminars

Remote consecutive interpreting benefits

  • Available for last minute conferences and meetings

  • No transportation or lodging expenses for interpreters 

  • Unlike remote simultaneous interpreting, no need for special equipment  

  • You can use your current conference system

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