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Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Services

With more and more people are working from home because of the new normal, the demand for remote interpreting has grown dramatically.
​To meet that need, EJ EXPERT has increased the number of registered remote interpreters on staff and introduced a conference system for simultaneous interpreting that is easy to access from anywhere.
Participants can access the system from their own devices and hear the interpreter's voice in English or Japanese on separate channels in real-time.
That's because our system allows interpreters to simultaneously interpret.
If you have an Internet connection, you can hold international conferences and lectures with professional simultaneous interpreters anytime, anywhere.
We've used our RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) system for more than 3 years at numerous meetings and events.
This newly introduced platform for remote conferencing can cut meeting times in half and can reduce costs by more than 40-50% compared with in-person simultaneous interpretation.
​Multi-lingual conference system
Participants and interpreters join remotely online
Woman with a headset in front of her lap
Videoconferencing in meeting room..jpg
Participants can join conferences remotely from their location
Share presentation materials and slides
Not just for PCs, you can also use
smartphones and tablets
Simultaneous interpreters can also join conferences remotely

There is no compromise in quality. We use the latest simultaneous interpretation platform to maintain crystal clear sound quality

  • With multiple voice lines available, each participant can select their preferred language channel

  • The number of participants can range from small groups to hundreds of people

  •  It supports relay interpretation using multilingual interpreters (eg Chinese→ English→ Japanese) 

  • Accessible from a PC, tablet, or smartphone as long as you have an Internet connection

  • No need to install an app, just click the link in the email invitation to enter the online conference room

  • Japanese and English slides can be shared on screen

  • Participants can also join via telephone (telephone rates vary depending on the country)

  • Meetings are monitored in real-time to ensure security and sound quality 

​How it’s used

  • Business meetings and negotiations

  • Presentations and sales pitches

  • ​Technology conferences and project meetings

​How it’s used

  • Business meetings and negotiations

  • Presentations and sales pitches

  • ​Technology conferences and project meetings

  • ​Webinars

  • ​Online courses and lectures

  • ​Webinars

  • ​Online courses and lectures

​These are our available conference systems.

Choose the one that fits your budget and needs.

1.​Zoom Language Interpretation
E-J EXPERT Logo.jpg

Because we have implemented Zoom's simultaneous interpretation system,  
we make it available to you free of charge (interpretation fees not included).


Attendees simply click on the Zoom link sent to them via email.


After joining the Zoom meeting, just click on the interpreter icon
and select the desired language to hear the simultaneous interpretation.

2.​InterpreteX Simultaneous Interpreting System
download (5).jpg
E-J EXPERT Logo.jpg

InterprepreteX is one of the most advanced RSI platform available with reasonable price.


InterpreteX Remote Simultaneous Interpretation platform

Proposal 01.jpg

InterpreteX works well with any major cloud-base conference system.


Attendees connect to the meeting on smartphones and select the language of their choice.

Remote simultaneous interpreting benefits

  • Meeting times can be cut by as much as half

  • Participants speak without waiting for an interpreter, so communication is smoother

  • Allows for meetings to be scheduled at the last minute

  • Cuts the need for set up and removal
    of interpreter equipment

  • Save on interpreter transportation and lodging expenses

  •  Overall costs are reduced by as much as 50 to 60%

Easy and secure access from any device with no app to download.

We provide comprehensive services, from meeting scheduling to interpreter preparation. 

Just tell us the date, time, and a number of participants.

And to help our interpreters prepare, a copy of the meeting agenda and materials.

Interpreters with a wealth of experience with remote simultaneous interpretation are available.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Usage Fee

The usage fee varies depending on the number of interpreters and the length of time required. Our staff will offer the best pricing in accordance with your needs.

Free Quote/Contact Information

We’re here and ready to be your guide.

Contact us using any of the ways below.

● Click the button below to submit an inquiry form.


● Call us at 916-294-5697 (from Japan, 010-1-916-294-5697). We're happy to speak with you in either English or Japanese.


● E-mail us for a consultation at 

We’re open seven days a week from 9 AM to 6 PM Pacific Standard Time (Monday - Sunday)

Contact us and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

We’ll get back to you promptly, even if it’s after hours.

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